Indoor Facility
  • 4 Full Length Cages
  • Strength & Conditioning Area
  • Throwing Program Section
  • Speed & Agility Area
  • Open Training Zone
  • Family Seating


The indoor facility is where our private instruction thrives. 1 on 1 training and team hitting sessions with our professional coaching staff. Call to book a lesson today!


Practice Infield
  • Full Size Grass Infield with Youth and Adult Base Lengths


The practice field is great for 1 on 1 or group training sessions. We hold our Bakersfield Braves Team practices here. Call for rental prices and availability!

Outdoor Cages
  • 2 Full Length Dirt Cages
  • 2 Pitching Mounds


The outdoor cages are used to feel being in a batter’s box and a great tool for live matchups against our pitchers. Call for pitching instruction or cage rentals!